Anyone breaking these rules will be asked to leave the fishery. The staff are here to help and make your stay a pleasant one. If you have any doubts please ask. All anglers should be in possession of a valid EA License.

Please dip and rinse landing nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings before setting up.
Two rods only per person (marker rods must be reeled in once area has been selected). Never leave rods unattended.
No braided main lines.
No leaders.
Barbless hooks only (not barbed hooks with nipped down barbs), maximum size 6, no bent hooks or Longshank nailer pattern etc.
No leadcore in any shape or form.
Leads must be able to break free with a minimum amount of force.
Unhooking mats must be large and well padded i.e. beanie mat, carp cradle.
Landing nets must be at least 42" (90cm).
No unhooking fish on platforms or ground. Use a dampened down mat at all times and carry fish to water in either a landing net or weigh sling release.
Antiseptic must be used to treat abrasions on fish.
No trout pellets, peanuts, tiger nuts or goo.
No pre-baiting or excessive feeding.
No sacking fish, unless damaged (for checking by staff).
No transferring fish between lakes.
No fishing is allowed on the North Bank.
No litter. We provide bin bags, please ask at shop and dispose of in bins around lake.
Please retain any damaged or sick fish and advise staff.
No cutting back vegetation.
No pressurised or bright lamps.
No boats or bait boats.
Anyone trying to remove fish from these waters will be prosecuted, we operate 24 hour surveillance.
Anglers using boats to get to the island swim and peg 32 must not use them for baiting up and use lifejackets provided.
From 1st January 2012 only two people will be allowed on the island swim and peg 32 i.e. either two anglers per swim or one angler plus non-angler.
No fires or barbecues.
No excess alcohol.
No drugs.
No dogs.
No swimming.
No bivvy mallets.
No loud noise or music.
Please use the toilets provided.
Please return Catch 22 barrows after delivering your equipment to a swim.

Carp Fishing
Minimum line strength allowed is 10lb, maximum is 15lb (not double strength types).

Pike Fishing
Deadbaits only.
No lures or spinning.

Please place all discarded line in litter bins provided and advise staff of any birds or fish tethered by line on 07810 160915.