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Christmas Raffle winner is drawn!

Congratulations to Nigel Loades for winning the prize of 2 days fishing on either the Island swim or Peg 32.

The winning ticket of 135 was drawn from the bucket this morning by Andy Maxey.


Important Notice: Please Read!

Getting in the Christmas mood at Catch

We've been getting in the Christmas mood today, decorating the shop.

Catch 22 Open throughout Christmas and New Year Holiday

Catch 22 will be open throughout the Christmas and New Year Holiday. So if you get fed up with turkey and tinsel, give us a look! 

Winter Maintenance

We've been giving the bay area between Peg 4 and 5 a good 'haircut'. This part of the lake is kept as a haven for the fish to get out of the way of anglers' and also for a spawning area. We'll be looking at putting a fence around it soon to tidy it up.  

Christmas and New Year Opening Times

LCAUK Pictures

Although not many fish were caught during the LCAUK Match at the weekend, entrants enjoyed themselves. 

Here are a few pictures, taken by Barry Fox. More can be seen on our Facebook page. 


New Catch 22 Sign

The new Catch 22 Sign looking great in the Autumn sunshine!

Pike Season starts from 1st November 2016

The Pike Season at Catch will start from the 1st November - 1st April.

General Rules:
Two Rods 
Deadbait only
No Lures
No Spinning
No braided main lines

Ticket Price: £7 per person for a day ticket (£5 concession) or £14 for 24 hours (£10 concession)

Fishery Gate will open 8am - 5pm from 1st November

The Fishery Gate will open from 8am - 5pm from the 1st November for the winter months. 

Day Ticket Lake Closed 11th-13th November 2016

The Day Ticket Lake will be closed from 12 noon Friday 11th November - 12 noon Sunday 13th November 2016 due to a LCAUK Club Match taking place.  

Important Notice: Please Read!

Catch 22 Review in Big Carp Magazine!

Check out the next issue of Big Carp Magazine for the 4 page Catch 22 Review. Focuses on the Day Ticket Lake and Facilities. A great read!

October 2016 Team Enduro Results

Another brilliant and enjoyable Team Enduro has passed us by. Starting on Friday 14th October and running for 48 hours, twelve teams took part in the carp fishing challenge that has been held for the past nine years. Two events that take place annually during the months of May and October, have proved to be very popular with anglers' with 2017 competitions already full and entries more that three quarters taken for 2018.  

Going back to the October 2016 competition, it started on a positive note when not too far into the start of the match, Colin Keeley landed the first fish weighing 26lb 8oz from Peg 29. Not long after John on Peg 31 also caught, another common, this time weighing 26lb. So starting off a close contest.     

Come Saturday morning, news of more fish being caught, although not many, a case of every fish counts. Richard Thripp caught a mirror of 22lb from Peg 19 and Fred a common of 29lb from Peg 9. 

With the weather completely changing during the course of Saturday: warmer, southerly winds things began to look promising for the shallower end. Fish began to show more in front of Peg 1 -3, maybe this would bring a change in the leader of the competition?

It certainly did. Nick Cage started to catch from Peg 1. Ending up with three fish and a total weight of 67lb 2oz, this catch won him and his team mate Chris the competition.

Congratulations to them both and also to the other competitors. Everyone put in a lot of hard work and effort to catch and thanks to them and the marshalls it made for a very enjoyable and social event.

The full catch list can be found on the 'catches 2016' link.  


            1st Place Nick and Chris
            Peg 1 Total: 67lb 2oz
            £800 cash

              2nd Place Mitchel and John
              Peg 31 Total: 44lb
              5 nights fishing on Peg 32 or Island

              3rd Place Fred and Elvin
              Peg 8 and 9
              2 x JRC XL Hi-Care Mats


               4th Place Colin and Mikey
               Peg 29 and 30
               Mainline Goodies


Autumn Coarse Match cancelled

Due to a lack of entries we will not be holding our Autumn Coarse Match that was to be held on Sunday 23rd October.

The lack of interest by junior anglers' surprised us, as we thought the under 16's that fish our lake would be up for being in with a chance of winning the cash prize of £100.

However we appreciate that juniors' now a days have busy lives and can't fit in or afford to do everything.    

It's nearly time!

It's nearly time for the start of the Team Enduro. Good luck all entrants!

Top of the range JRC XL Hi-Care Mat at a great price!

As part of our Fish Safety Promotion 2016 we are offering the top of the range JRC XL Hi-Care Mat at a great price of £59.99!  

Nash Trax Metro Barrow Offer

Nash Trax Metro R.R.P: £149.99 NOW: £105

Offer applies to in store purchase only.

Fantastic Advice given by Mike Kavanagh - Rig Chat

Known for his knowledge of Rigs and Rig Safety, it was a pleasure to have Mike Kavanagh giving an 'Informal Chat' on Saturday.

He discussed where anglers' can and do go wrong and also most importantly how to present a safe rig set up. 

With fish safety being our number one priority, we will carry on spreading the message about using safe rigs. So if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask Dave. 

A big thank you to Mike and also to the people that attended. 


Survey Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Liam Feeney for winning 48 hours fishing by entering our survey draw.

The Draw took place today and Survey number 10 was pulled out of the bucket.


Many thanks for everyone that took the time to complete the survey. We're really pleased with the great feedback we received on how we run the fishery and how we look after customers. There were also some great ideas from people on what additional facilities and 'extras' that could be done to make people's stay even better.    

'An Informal Rig Chat' with Mike Kavanagh Saturday 24th September 2016

13th - 15th May 2016 Team Enduro Results

With fish being caught from the Day Ticket Lake prior to the match, it looked to be a promising weekend. The first fish was caught within half an hour of the match starting; Glen Stones on peg 9 landing a mirror of 27lb 15oz. Shaun Rebbeck then had the next fish of 33lb from peg 31. Things were looking good, however the strengthening cool northerly wind during Friday and Saturday put a damper on things. Fish continued to be caught but the catch rate wasn't as it should have been if the weather was to have stayed warmer. Despite the lack of bites the anglers' remained up beat and through no lack of trying the fish were just not playing ball.

Peg 31 remained the dominant peg throughout the competition, winning Shaun Rebbeck and Danny Wymer the top prize of £800 cash. Well done to them! Their total catch weight was 174lb 7oz.  












2nd Place went to Glen Goodman and Darren Oliver. Fishing peg 4 they caught a total weight of 61lb 1oz, which won them 5 nights fishing on the Island swim or Peg 32.












3rd Place was won by Tom Dennis and Terry Hitchin. Fishing Pegs 2 and 3 they had a total weight of 49lb 13oz, winning them Nash Monster MK3 Carp Cradles.













4th Place went to Glen Stones and Paul Snelling on pegs 8 and 9. The total weight was 27lb 15oz winning them Cool Bags stuffed with Mainline boilies, dips, pop ups.













The Biggest Fish and Smallest Fish Prize went to Shaun Rebbeck: H-Gun Lead Pouch and Nash Scales Pouch . With a 33lb and 13lb 10oz he caught.













We'd like to give a BIG Thank You to Barry, Mick, Andy, Paul, Ian and Jerry for their help marshalling and with food orders/deliveries and to all the entrants for making it a great social event. We look forward to the next one in October! 

The pictures were taken by Barry: Some great shots! 

2016 Safety Focus Campaign - Fish Handling

NEW 2016 Safety Campaign

Our New 2016 Safety Campaign starts today. Every week we'll be taking a look at different aspects of safety around the fishery; from respecting the wildlife to fish handling.

Most anglers' are aware of items we'll be covering, however if you're new to the sport or maybe want to refresh your memory on certain things, then read on.


A great Mainline Essential Cell Launch!

Thanks to everyone that supported the Mainline Essential Cell Launch held today.

Both the bait rolling by Mark Shilham and bait/rig advice by Keith Williams and Jim Coffey was interesting and informative.

Thanks to Jerry and Ian for their help as well.






























Bait Rolling Demo 1st May by Mark Shilham
















Mark Shilham will be on site on Sunday 1st May to give bait rolling demos and to also answer any questions you may have. All welcome!


Mainline Essential Cell- Orders being taken NOW!

New surface for path between the two lakes

Maintenance work continues this week with a new surface being put on the path between the Day Ticket and No.2 Lake.

Peg 28 and the swim known as 'Wonky' on No.2 Lake have also been resurfaced.


















Peg 5 now available to use

From today Peg 5 can be fished from.

We currently have Peg 7 and 28 roped off to anglers' due to maintenance.

Peg 5 currently roped off due to maintenance work

Peg 5 is currently roped off due to maintenance work being carried out. The front has been widened and cleared. We are currently waiting on the ground to dry so we can level it.


Mainline Essential Cell Launch and Rig Safety Day - 1st May 2016

New gate opening time from 1st March - 1st April

To give anglers' more fishing time we will be opening the fishery gate earlier from the 1st March - 1st April: 7.30am and closing at 6pm. Day Ticket prices will remain the same.

Online Sale starts 5th February - Go to our eBay store: catch22fishing for a bargain!

Peg 1 Feature

Peg 9 Feature

Peg 17 Feature

Lewis Russell - Catch 22 Oldie Feature

The Catch 22 'Oldie' Feature takes us back to 2001 this week with a picture of a lovely linear of 15lb. Caught by Lewis Russell from peg 27 on the Day Ticket Lake.


Peg 3 Feature

Catch 22 Oldie: In memory of Noel Topley

This week's Catch 22 'Oldie' goes back to the early 2000's on No.2 Lake and is also in memory of an angler who sadly passed away last year: Noel Topley with a 25lb common. One of many great catches.


Island Swim: Peg Feature

Catch 22 Oldie

We're going to use one of the photos sent in by Andy Chamberlain of his daughter Laura for this week's 'Catch 22 Oldie'. Back in 2004 when Laura was 16, she fished for a week in July on peg 4. She totally out fished her dad and friends, with 19 fish the biggest being 27lb.   


Peg 15 Feature

Pike Catch - Catch 22 Oldie

With our pike season in full swing (1st November - 1st April) we thought we'd have a look through the archives for pike catches. This week's Catch 22 oldie is of Tony Clarke with a 22lb 4oz caught from the Day Ticket Lake during the year 2000.


Maintenance work starts on Peg 31

Maintenance work started on Peg 31 this morning. Old boarding is being replaced with sleepers and the ground will be built up.
























This week's Peg Feature takes us to Peg 4

One of our little beauties from No.2 Lake - Catch Oldie

One of our little beauties from No.2 Lake has been chosen for the Catch 22 'Oldie' this week. It looks a baking hot day back in May 2001! The lovely mirror was caught by Roger Sharpe at 22lb from 'Split'.



Island Swim has had a 'Re-Vamp'

The island swim has had a re-vamp and it look great! The wooden staging has been replaced with new boards, new fencing has been put at the back of the swim and there's an area on the right to land fish. A big thank you to Stuart Barnes and his mate Matt for doing a brilliant job! 
































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This week's Catch 22 'Oldie takes us back to August 2000

The Catch 22 'Oldie' takes us back to August 2000. This week it's a photo from No.2 Lake. Ben Bygrave with a lovely common of 29lb 8oz.

Peg Feature every week on our Facebook Page

Catch 22 oldie goes back to the late 90's

Tonight's Catch 22 'oldie' has gone back to the late 90's with a picture of John Dodds with a lovely common from peg 23.


Maintenance work continues this week.......

Maintenance work continues this week with swims being repaired on the Day Ticket Lake. Pegs 9 and 10 are having the backing boards replaced with piping to stop the path and bank eroding at the back of the swim.























Lovely tench for this week's Catch 22 Oldie

A lovely tench that was caught by Grant Adams in the early 2000's from Peg 3 on the Day Ticket Lake is the Catch 22 oldie for this week. 

Lee Marrison - Catch 22 Oldie

We're going back 12 years for the Catch 22 'Oldie' this week. The picture is of Lee Marrison with a 28lb 5oz common from No.2 Lake.


Tom Gardner - Catch 22 Oldie

The Catch 22 oldie for this week is of Tom Gardner with a lovely common of 20lb 8oz from the Day Ticket Lake.


October 2015 Team Challenge Results

Congratulations to Colin Keeley and Gavin Coe for winning the October Team Challenge. Fishing Peg 31 they won the top prize of £800 by catching a total weight of carp of 86lb 1oz.











  2nd Place went to Ben Cole and Darius Rustom. Fishing Pegs 2 and

  3 they had a total of 72lb 10oz. Winning 7 nights fishing at Catch 








  Nick Cage and Mark Fossey took 3rd place. Fishing pegs 16 and 17

  they had a total of 39lb 4oz. Winning Nash MK3 Carp Cradles.









  4th Place went to Scott Head and Jerome Brown. They had a total of

  27lb 14oz from Peg 28. Winning Mainline Baits and SB Cooler









   Jerome Brown won the biggest fish prize with a 27lb 14oz he caught

   from Peg 28 (Nash deep pouch bag)









  Jamie Stead won the smallest fish prize with a 19lb 1oz he caught

  from Peg 29 (Nash shallow pouch bag)




We would like to thank the entrants for making it a great social event and to David, Barry, Tom, Paul, Ian and Jerry for marshalling and delivering food.

Look forward to 2016 Team Challenges!    

An early start for entrants of the October 2015 Team Challenge

It was an early start for the entrants of the October 2015 Team Challenge.



























Catch 22 Oldie goes back to the 90's

This week's Catch 22 'Oldie' goes back to the 90's with Mike 'Spug' Redfern and Lorne Dennis with a couple of lovely commons from No.2 Lake.


Day session common - Catch 22 Oldie

We haven't gone too far back this week for the Catch 22 'oldie' as we thought it'd be nice to show you what can be caught on a day session. This lovely 31lb 8oz common was caught by Paul from the Day Ticket Lake during the end of February 2009.


Great News! Our baby carp are growing on nicely

Great News! Our baby carp are growing on nicely. This week we've put a new frame and netting around the stock pond to keep out predators. We're looking forward to seeing them grow and will keep you posted on their progress.

Catch 22 Oldie - Harry Waye Barker

The Catch 22 'oldie' this week is of a young Harry Waye-Barker with a 24lb 2oz common from the Day Ticket Lake. Harry now a member on No.2 Lake has been fishing Catch 22 for a number of years' and has had some great catches.

No.2 Lake Oldie - lovely mirror

This weeks Catch 22 Oldie comes from No.2 Lake. A 'younger' Dave Haverson with a lovely 28lb mirror.


Peg Feature Starts 1st October 2015

Catch 22 Oldie

This week's Catch 22 Oldie goes back to July 1995. A 22lb 4oz common caught from the Day Ticket Lake.

Catch 22 Oldie - Big Pike caught by Bill Smithson

Going through the photo albums we came across this big pike caught by the late Bill Smithson. It weighed in at 24lb and was caught near the little islands near peg 24/ 25. Bill was a bailiff at Catch 22 during the late 90's and was well liked amongst many people. Sadly he passed away last year.


Double swims can be used by all anglers' from 1st September - 1st April

From 1st September - 1st April 'double swims' on the Day Ticket Lake can be used by all anglers'.

Please note that under 16's have to be accompanied by an adult either by being on a double swim or side by side on single swims.

Catch 22 Oldie - Lovely Fully Scaled

We've been looking through the No.2 Lake photo album for this weeks Catch 22 oldie. This lovely fully scaled was caught by Dave Brindal at 18lb 4oz on the 25th June 2001. It's average weight is currently 35 - 36lb.


Catch 22 'Oldie'


The 'oldie' for this week is another from the 90's. Keith Williams with a stunning mirror.  

Great day for Junior Carpers!


It was a great start for our Junior Carp Academy. Tuition was given by Keith Williams, Kieran Chapman and Jim Coffey over a 24 hour session on the Day Ticket Lake.

The juniors were given advice on a range of things from watercraft to fish handling. They received a brilliant selection of Mainline bait, achievement certificate, Junior Carp Academy loyalty card giving them discount on fishing and tackle, £10 Catch 22 gift voucher and Catch 22 T-Shirt.   

A great social and friendly event which we look to continue later in 2015 and during 2016.      


Excitement at Catch 22!!! Limited edition 25th anniversary clothing has arrived!

The limited edition 25th anniversary Catch 22 clothing will be on sale from the 14th August. Prices as follows:

Man's t-shirt olive green (has print on back same as hoody) £8.99 

















   Woman's t-shirt (print on front only)£7.99
















    Polo Shirt £15.99










Hoody £26.99





























      Cap £8.99

'Catch 22 Oldie' photo 1996

This weeks' 'Catch 22 Oldie' comes from 1996. We have details of the fish weight: 18lb 5oz but don't have the name of the young angler. Any idea who he is?


Everyone welcome: Friday 14th and Saturday 15th August Nash demos and consultants available for questions

Great News we have more Nash Consultants coming down for next weekends event to give advice on tackle and bait: Tony Gibson, Paul Robinson, Dom Prior, Mike Wilson, Paul Garner, Dan Hall. They'll be available on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th August to answer your questions.

There'll also be demos of end tackle and bait. 

Everyone is welcome!  

Catch 22 'Oldie' Photo

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we'll be selecting a photo from the past to post each week.

Dave Howard with a 27lb 12oz from the 1990's.

Junior Carp Academy is nearly upon us!

The launch of the Junior Carp Academy kicks off on Saturday 15th August.

Juniors that have enrolled will be getting advice on many aspects of fishing from watercraft and rig/bait presentations.  

Jim Coffey from Nash and Keith Williams: Taska and Mainline Baits will be the coaches for this event. 

People that are thinking about enrolling are also welcome to come and have a look round and join up for future events later this year and 2016.

There'll be a BBQ during the afternoon, open to everyone and there'll be Nash Tackle demo's.

We'll also be launching the Catch 22 Clothing range, so loads going on..... Come and give us a look!

Some of the swims will be used for the academy, however the Day Ticket lake will be open as usual.    



Highest food Hygiene Rating of 5 for the 9th Year Running!


We're really pleased to be given the highest food hygiene rating of 5 for the 9th year running for our café. This rating is based on food hygiene procedures, practises, cleanliness, facilities and written food safety systems.

New No.2 Lake Record

Congratulations to Keith Williams for catching the 'big common' and creating a New No.2 Lake Record. He caught this beauty at 49lb 1oz. Really pleased for him, great fishing! 

Launch of Catch 22 Junior Carp Academy

We're excited to be launching the Catch 22 Junior Carp Academy. The first event is on Saturday 15th August 2015 and is open to 10 - 16 year olds. During the 24 hours, three qualified sport coaches will be allocated three anglers' and will pass on watercraft and rig advice.

There will also be some of the Mainline team giving bait advice. The event isn't classed as a competition and is on a tuition basis.

It costs £100 per person. This price includes a cooked breakfast and BBQ Saturday night. Each participant will receive a Taska goodie bag and there'll be prizes for biggest fish and most active angler.

During this weekend as part of our 25th anniversary we'll be launching the Catch 22 clothing range.

To book for the Carp Academy please contact us on 01603 872948 for a booking form. Places are limited to nine anglers'     


Team Enduro 15th - 17th May 2015 Results

The popular Team Enduro was well attended with all twelve places taken. With fish being caught from around the lake a couple of days before the event we were set for a good match. However fishing being unpredictable results didn't go quite as expected.

Peg 1 over the last month has produced some great catches, but was slow during the week leading up to the match so although we knew fish would be caught from there, the competition was well and truly open to other anglers' as peg 8, 14, 25-27 had been fishing well prior to the event.

However Peg 1 switched on from the morning of the event for Scott Head and Jerome Brown. The first three fish were caught by them during the day. During Friday evening and during Saturday other anglers' were catching. Fish were being caught from around the lake: peg 31, 29, 8, 5 and 2/ 3.

Come Sunday morning the clear winners with 310lb were Scott and Jerome.



Congratulations to them for their win and enjoy spending the £800 cash!   






 2nd Place went to David Stowe and Andrew McFee with 75lb 11oz   from Peg 31: 24 hours tuition with Keith Williams





3rd Place: Ben Cole and Darius Ruston with 51lb 4oz from Peg 2 and 3: 5 nights fishing at Catch 22





4th Place: Anthony Hewett and Lee Daniels with 19lb from Peg 8 and 9: 20kg of Starbaits Monster Crab boilies




5th Place: Danny Wymer and Shaun Rebbeck with 18lb from Peg 29 and 30

6th Place: Jamie Stead and Gary Clarke with 14lb 7oz from Peg 5

Biggest fish prize went to Andrew McFee with a 30lb he caught from Peg 31 (Nash Barrowlogix Barrow Bag)

Smallest fish prize went to Jamie Stead with a 14lb 7oz mirror from Peg 5 (Nash Camera Bag and three tip top protectors)  

Fishing wasn't great compared to last year (1600lb caught May event 2015) but the social side was. We always enjoy the matches because the people that take part are a good bunch and don't take things too seriously. We look forward to the match in October.  

May 2016 is full but we do have spaces for October 2016. Give us a call if you're interested in taking part.

Now for the 'thank you's': to the marshalls: David, Tom, Barry, Paul. To Ian and Jerry who helped with meals and to Alan Blair at Nash for donating the biggest and smallest fish prizes.          

A list of the catches can be found on the April/ May catch page.


Photos needed!

Feb/March Newsletter

Catch 22 on facebook

2014 Review


Welcome to the Catch 22 2014 Review.

We hope you enjoy reading what we and anglers' have been up to during the year.

Happy 2015! Hope its a good one for you! 

A year always seems to go quick, but especially so for 2014.

It has been a great one for catches with anglers' beating their PBs and lake records being broken. We have mentioned some of the memorable catches and unfortunately cannot list them all.

We had a change of bailiff this year: Jerry Curtis joined the Catch 22 team during the latter part of the year and is proving to be hard working and liked amongst many of our customers'.  

The Team Enduro events held during May and October were once again popular. The May competition was the best we have ever had in terms of catches. The total weight of carp caught during the 48 hours was 1600lb. Part of that weight were ten thirties including two that weighed 37lb 12 common and 37lb 10oz common.

Long term entrants Glen Goodman and Darren Oliver 'broke their duck' and won £800 from the October event. It was nice to see them win after coming 2nd or 3rd place a number of times.

It was with sadness that we were informed of the death of a long standing syndicate member and of one of our bailiffs. Noel Topley was a well known character amongst many anglers' and had been on our syndicate for a number of years'. Bill Smithson was a bailiff during the late 90's and early noughties. He moved to Spain with his wife Sandra and spent the rest of his days there. They will both be missed.

We would like to thank everyone that helped with the Mainline Hybrid launch, Nash Day and Team Enduro events.

Fish Catches

Where to Start?

With regards to catches it's hard to know what to include but here goes.....

Day Ticket Lake

I think the thing that stands out for us is the dedication of anglers' and also surprise catches where someone lands a fish that hasn't been hooked before. Bill Hardy done just that when he caught a PB of a 40lb common. A short stocky fish which was so wide that Bill had a job to hold. Not long after his catch another common of 40lb 2oz was caught by Colin Randall, also from Peg 5. This was a completely different looking fish being long and leaner.

Its not only the big fish catches that are memorable. Its nice to see junior anglers' getting PBs or roach anglers' getting a large haul or that magic fish over the 3lb mark.

Liam Keefe caught his PB of 32lb common when fishing on peg 18 and his dad Chris being on peg 19. He also had a 22lb common.

At the end of 2014 128 catches of 30lb plus carp were recorded. Some of these are repeat captures, but it's great to see the fish growing on and anglers' catching them. There have been many occasions when anglers' have had a couple or brace of thirties. Take Paul Burley who had commons of 31lb, 37lb 12oz, mirror of 34lb, 13 twenties to 29lb 12oz, 2 x 19lb and a 17lb on a 5 night stay or 'Smithy' when fishing peg 26 had a 32lb 8oz common, 35lb mirror, 4 x 19lb and 6 twenties to 27lb 2oz during 5 nights.

A 24 hour session can also give you a chance of a good catch. Andy Leah had three fish of 18lb, 28lb 4oz and 31lb 2oz at the end part of the year.   

We are also pleased with the number of doubles and twenties that were caught during 2014. Taken from our catch book, the Day Ticket Lake has produced 759 catches of carp ranging from 10 - 29lb.

No.2 Lake

The catch that stands out is when Noel Topley had his long awaited fish: 'the big common' which scooped him the lake record of 48lb 2oz. In the same session he had commons of 41lb 15oz, 34lb 14oz and 29lb 2oz mirror. Having had this catch from the car park swim, this is where we have put a plaque in his memory.

Harry Waye-Barker holds the No.2 Lake record with Noel, also catching 'the big common' at the same weight. Harry has also had other good catches including a mirror of 30lb 8oz and common of 35lb 2oz.

One member to catch the 'fully scaled' was Mark 'Spooky' Williamson at 33lb 4oz. In the same session he had a two tone common at 36lb 4oz and 24lb mirror.

Jon Paul and Martin Thompson, brothers from Gt Yarmouth had a good season having six fish between them including five thirties to 38lb 2oz.

Names that crop up a lot in the catch book are Lewis Russell and 'Lil' Jim Davison. All have had good results throughout the season with catches ranging from low doubles to mid thirties.

Part time bailiff Paul Pointer also had a good season with fish topping the scales at 40lb.

We haven't got the space to list all catches and there have been a lot of others. Many of the members put a lot of time into their fishing and we are proud of the mix of characters we have on our syndicate.

We hope that anglers' on both lakes have a good 2015 season.    

Plans for 2015

So what plans have we got for 2015 and beyond?

We want to get the fish breeding side of the business up and running by the middle half of 2015. Having been creating stock ponds during 2014 we will be looking at collecting fish eggs from both lakes during spawning and growing fish on for future generations.    

On the tackle and bait side we are hoping to expand both in shop and online. A new online shop will be launched during 2015. We'll be supporting new and upcoming businesses by selling their items, so we stock something a bit different!

We are pleased to carry on being sponsored by Mainline Baits. The name speaks for itself and its popular baits have had good results on both lakes.

The ongoing repair and maintenance work on our two holiday lodges will continue into 2015. Lodge 1 has been rebuilt on one side due to the wood needing to be replaced because of weather damage. The whole lodge has been repainted green so it blends in with the surroundings. Similar repairs will be taken out on Lodge 2 during the first part of 2015 ready for the new Spring/Summer season.

There'll be another two Team Enduro events being held May and October. The popular 48 hour competitions are both full.

Keith Williams will continue with tuition during 2015. With his years' of experience, Keith is able to pass on handy tips and advice on tactics and bait. Tuition includes Mainline Bait, Taska tackle and a cooked breakfast. 

Thanks to everyone that made 2014 an enjoyable one for us.

All the Best

Dave, Rose and Emma

Catch 22 Fishing Centre 




Saturday Saver Day: 10th January 2015

Saturday 10th January 2015

15% off all Tackle and Bait in our on site shop and on our eBay shop for one day only!

Free buffet food and drinks.

Tasks demos and freebies. 

All welcome.

Christmas and New Year Opening Times

Merry Christmas to everyone. Thanks for your custom during 2014 and we wish you well for 2015.

The lakes will be open throughout the Christmas and New Year holiday. The fishery gate will be open as usual 8am - 5pm.

The tackle shop will be closed Christmas, Boxing and New Years Day.

A member of staff will be collecting ticket money from the bankside on the above days.

Noel Topley memorial plaque

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that gave money for the collection following the death of No.2 Lake member Noel Topley.

A total of £330 was collected from staff, syndicate members and friends of Noel's. Some of this money was used for a memorial plaque which has been placed at the left of the car park swim on No.2 Lake. On Saturday this was unveiled to family and friends. Situated in a quiet area and accompanied by flowering winter plants, it is a fitting tribute to a well liked man.

Money from the collection was also given to his wife Ella for charity donations.


10th - 12th October 2014 Team Challenge

It was another enjoyable Team Challenge competition. The 48 hour competition didn't fish it's socks off but, there were some good catches in less than ideal conditions (especially the storms we had Saturday night).

Congratulations go to Glen Goodman and Darren Oliver the winners of the competition. They've both been entering for a number of years' and have been trying to beat their best placing of second. They won the top prize of £800 cash by catching commons of 15lb 12oz, 34lb 4oz and 20lb 8oz, fishing pegs 8 and 9.  Total weight: 70lb 5oz

2nd Place went to Scott Head and Jerome Brown with a total weight of 44lb 10oz. They caught commons of 22lb 8oz and 22lb 2oz from pegs 29 and 30. Their placing won them £200 Angling Technics vouchers and Starbaits Bivvie Stations.

Gary French and Aaron Lovejoy took 3rd Place with a total weight of 44lb 4oz. Fishing Peg 4 they caught a 23lb mirror and 21lb 4oz common. Their prizes were Nash BBQ's, bait and end tackle.

4th Place went to Mark Fossey and Nick Cage with 41lb. They fished pegs 1 and 2 and caught a 21lb and 20lb common. Prizes were Taska Hanger Sets and 24hour fishing vouchers on the Day Ticket Lake.

Many thanks to all the marshalls: Paul, Barry, Lee and David. To Ian and Jerry for their help throughout the competition and to Keith Williams who kindly donated some of the prizes.

We look forward to next years' competitions which are both full.

Sad death of Noel Topley, No.2 Lake Syndicate member

We were informed today that one of our syndicate members; Noel Topley sadly passed away.

Noel had been a member on No.2 Lake for many years and was liked amongst many anglers', on both lakes. We were thrilled for him when during the summer he caught his target fish: the big common, a fish that he had been wanting for a long time. This fish gave him the lake record of 48lb 2oz. He also caught many other fish and was an experienced carp angler.

He will be sadly missed. 

Nash Fishery Roadshow Saturday 26th July 2014

Nash Fishery Roadshow 2014
The Catch More Tour! will be held at Catch 22 on Saturday 26th July 2014

Come and see the latest carp kit from new Nashbait boilies and Instant Action to the deadly Spot On products, Siren alarms, world beating Scope and Dwarf ranges and the latest in zig and floater advances.

Get ahead of the game and see, smell and fish with some of the hottest products Nashbait have ever produced - including deadly Monster Squid, Gyro Bug Mix, Bug Life Mix and the incredible Riser pellet.

Be Spot On
Learn the biggest edge of all - accuracy. See how the amazing Spot On line marker and Spot On Stix keep your free offerings and rigs landing with precision day or night.

Terminal Tackle Tutorial
Eliminate tangles, conceal your main line, tie the most effective end tackles for weed, silt or gravel and learn to harness the unique Nash TT Diffusion Camo.

Catch more, Catch Faster
Get more bites quicker than ever. See and try Instant Action - the ultimate combination of convenience, versatility and fast results on busy fisheries when the clock is ticking.

Struggle no more to reach those distant feeding spots - Team Nash will add yards to your casting with personal technique tuition.

Peg One
Where big carp expertise meets pleasure and specialist fishing, see what the Peg One range can do for you and get a bend in the rod.

Zig Fishing
Take your water apart with the deadly adjustable rig floats, bugs and critters and be the first to find out where Nash are taking Zig Fishing next.

Floater Fishing
Get in on the warm weather surface sport with Riser Pellet, Slicker floats, Zig Flo line and the deadly bolt machines.

With all of the above going on, there'll be plenty to see and do. There's a BBQ from 12 noon and raffle with great prizes.
Some swims on the Day Ticket Lake will be roped off to allow these tutorials to take place, however other swims will be available for fishing as usual.   


Best ever Team Enduro catches - 16th - 18th May 2014

The Team Enduro challenge was held a week later this year. Wondering whether this was the right thing or not was on our minds when a few days prior to the match taking place fish started being caught and were showing around the little islands near peg 23, a sign that sooner than later they would spawn.
However luck was on the anglers' side as fish were on a pre-spawning feed during the match weekend, leading to the best ever Team Challenge we've ever had. 
Within minutes of the event starting pegs 20 and 23 were the first to catch. It wasn't long before other teams were catching. The first day was an open match with any of the teams having a chance of winning. This was to change come Saturday night, when Mark Alcock and Pete Gowton on pegs 2 and 3 took the lead by catching one after another.
A total of 1600lb of carp were caught during the 48 hour competition, doubling the previous best total of 800lb. All the individual catches can be seen on the May catch page, (there were loads to list!). Amongst these were ten thirties, two being 37lb 10oz and 37lb 12oz!
Congratulations to Mark and Pete on winning the top prize of £800 cash, to Simon and Gary on their 2nd place winning tuition with Keith Williams, Tom and Terry with 3rd place - Mainline Bait and clothing and to Mark and Paul coming 4th place winning Nash Barbecues and bait.
We would like to thank all anglers' and marshalls that helped to make this a great social event. Another event is taking place in October. Entries are being taken for next year's event, however dates haven't been set yet. Thanks to Barry for the following pictures, others from the competition can be seen in the Day Ticket Lake photo gallery.


   Gary 30lb common
   Peg 30


   Scott Head
   13lb 6oz common
   Peg 28

    Scott Head
    25lb 14oz mirror
    Peg 28

   Scott Head
   37lb 10oz common
   Peg 28

   Scott Head
   30lb 8oz common
   Peg 28

   1st Place Mark Alcock and Pete Gowton
   536lb 5oz Peg 2 and 3

    2nd Place Gary French and Simon Pitcher
    311lb 1oz Peg 4


    3rd Place Tom Dennis and Terry Hitchin
    174lb 9oz Peg 31

   4th Place Paul Clarke and Mark
   163lb 1oz Peg 20

5th Place Scott Head and Jerome Brown 162lb 4oz Peg 28
6th Place Gary and Heinzy 133lb 4oz Peg 29 and 30
7th Place Wayne Hobson and Mark Liles 74lb 9oz Peg 23
8th Place Glen Goodman and Darren Oliver 23lb 3oz Peg 5
9th Place Jamie Stead and Billy 21lb 14oz Peg 8 and 9                                                

Mainline Hybrid Launch Weekend photos

It was great to be part of the Mainline Hybrid Launch. Having been sponsored by them for a number of years we are pleased to be promoting a great range of quality bait. The weekend itself was a success and the Hybrid range has gone from strength to strength, especially on our Day Ticket Lake.

We would like to thank everyone that helped in the lead up and during the event. The Hybrid range, along with other Mainline flavours are stocked in the tackle shop and can be bought in person or online.    




Mainline Hybrid Launch 3rd and 4th May 2014: Pre orders taken now!

Pre-orders are now being taken for the eagerly awaited Mainline Hybrid bait.

As part of the launch we are holding a 'Mainline Hybrid weekend' on 3rd and 4th May 2014. This is when you can collect the bait you've ordered and also meet a couple of the Mainline Team.

To order your bait please contact us on 01603 872948.    

Incorrect information published in EDP

It has been brought to our attention that information sent in to the EDP by a third party is incorrect. The bailiff for Catch 22 is Jeff Greenaway and not Lee Nobbs as stated.

Thanks to No.2 Members that donated following death of Jim Sowter (Big Jim)

Following the death of  No.2 Lake member Jim Sowter (Big Jim), a collection was made from members of staff and syndicate members to be donated to MacMillian Cancer.

We would like to thank members that donated. £100 was collected and sent to Jim's parents.   

Some Sat Nav's not recognizing Fishery postcode!

The fishery was given a new postcode last year as the road beside it had it's name changed to Bunnetts Loke.

It has been brought to our attention that a few people have been sent in the wrong direction (about 15 minutes away) when using their Sat Nav's to find us.

The old postcode of NR9 5LN is still recognized. For the time being it's best to use this until the new postcode of NR9 5BQ has been updated. 

Team Challenge Events 2014

Both May and October's Team Challenge Events are now Full.

Into next year we'll announce dates for 2015. If you'd like to book for these events, it's best to contact us as soon as possible as places go quick.

Team Challenge Enduro Results 11th - 13th October 2013

A weekend of strong wind and heavy rain made it good fishing weather, but not good for people trying set up their bivvies!

Fish started to be caught within the first couple of hours of the competition. Ben Cole on peg 28 caught the first fish of the match with a 25lb 8oz common landed. The middle bank (pegs 28 - 31) was the place to be with the majority of the fish being caught from here in the first 24 hours.  

Come Saturday other pegs came into play, with Wayne Hobson on peg 17 catching a 24lb mirror and Colin Keeley on peg 1 and Gavin Coe on peg 2 catching during the day.

By the end of Saturday Mark Fossey on Peg 29 was looking to be part of the winning team. Although places for 2nd - 4th were still up in the air, with anyone being able to take these positions.

The winners were Mark Fossey and Nick Cage with a total of 139lb 4oz. Fishing pegs 29/30. 28lb 14oz common, 22lb 15oz common, 28lb 1oz common, 17lb 14oz mirror, 20lb 9oz common, 20lb 1oz common. Winning the £800 cash prize.

2nd place went to Ben Cole and Mark Beck, with a total of 89lb 6oz. Fishing peg 28. 25lb 8oz common, 36lb 8oz common, 27lb 9oz mirror. Winning 24 hours tuition with Keith Williams, 10kg Mainline New Grange each.

3rd place: Gavin Coe and Colin Keeley, with a total of 68lb 12oz. Fishing pegs 1/2. 22lb mirror, 25lb 12oz common, 21lb common. Winning Starbaits bedchairs.

4th place: Spencer Moore and Lee Skillern, with a total of 45lb 11oz. Fishing peg 31. 19lb 2oz mirror, 26lb 9oz common. Winning Starbaits Chairs.

5th place: Wayne Hobson peg 17. 24lb mirror.

Thanks to everyone that helped in the lead up and during the event and to Keith Williams and Starbaits for donating prizes. 


Team Challenge 2014 Dates announced

Next year the Catch 22 Team Challenge events will take place:

16th - 18th May 2014

10th - 12th October 2014

The May event is FULL but there are spaces available for October. 1st prize is £800 cash, 2nd-4th place: tackle and bait.

The events are open to teams of two, with bankside swims on the Day Ticket Lake being used. There's a limit of 12 teams. Entry Fee is £150 per team (£75 to be paid on entry).

To enter or for more details please contact us on: 01603 872948

Marshall vacancies taken for October 2013 Team Challenge

Thanks to all of you that enquired about being a marshall for the October Team Challenge.

We now have enough people to help during the event. If you'd like to help out with next year's events please contact us on 01603 872948.  

Next year's events are: 16th - 18th May and 10th - 12th October.

Marshalls needed! - Team Enduro 11th - 13th October 2013

Are you available on the 11th - 13th October 2013 to help marshall our Team Enduro match?

The draw for the competition is at 8am on Friday, fishing starts at 9.30am and ends Sunday 9.30am. We need marshalls to bivvy up in allocated areas to weigh and record catches of carp during the competition.

In appreciation for their help, marshalls will get a free breakfast and evening meal and £50 bait voucher to spend in our shop.

If interested please contact us either by email: or phone 01603 872948.   

May 2013 Team Challenge Results

The blustery conditions of Friday gave the impression that catches were to be had from most parts of the lake. So we were all hoping good catches were to follow.

During Friday Steve Breitsprecher was the first person to catch from peg 1. A 21lb common was landed. Steve continued to catch: a 21lb 4oz mirror and 28lb common. His team mate Phil Waters on peg 2 started to catch, a 17lb 8oz common and 17lb 4oz common.

At this point this was the only team catching, until Darren Oliver caught a 23lb 8oz common from peg 3. Come Saturday morning Steve and Phil were currently clear leaders of the competition, with other competitors finding it hard going.

Phil caught another three fish: 24lb 4oz mirror, 13lb 12oz common and a 22lb 4oz common. Darren caught his second fish: a 26lb 4oz common.

With another two fish of 15lb common and 34lb 4oz common caught by Phil the clear and overall winners of the £800 cash prize were himself and Steve. Their total catch was 235lb 8oz.

Second place went to Darren Oliver and Glen Goodman with 49lb 12oz: Starbaits bedchairs and chairs.

Third and Fourth places were drawn: John Judge and Steve Southgate: 3rd Starbaits and Mainline Bait
Mark Alcock and Peter Gowton: 4th Starbaits Isotherm Bag and Bait  

Thanks to Starbaits for contributing towards the prizes and to the marshalls that helped throughout the event.

October 2013 and May 2014 events are Full, but we have spaces for October 2014.


Day Ticket Lake Closed 10th - 12th May 2013

The Day Ticket Lake will be closed from 7.30am Friday 10th May - 9.30am 12th May 2013 due to a Team Challenge Match taking place.

Christmas and New Year Opening Times

The Lakes will be open as usual throughout the holiday. Fishery Gates open 8am - 5pm.

Tackle Shop:

Monday 24th December: 9am - 1pm
Tuesday 25th December: CLOSED
Wednesday 26th December: CLOSED
Thursday 27th - Monday 31st December: 9am - 1pm
Tuesday 1st January: CLOSED

CAFE CLOSED 24th December - 2nd January

Cafe and Tackle Shop re-open as usual from Wednesday 2nd January.

48 Hours For 30!!!

Buy a 24 hour ticket and get the next 24 hours 1/2 price!!! 48 Hours For £30!!!

Vouchers on sale now. Can be bought online, over phone or in shop. Offer starts 1st January - 28th February 2013. Applies to Bankside swims only on Day Ticket Lake.

Don't miss out! Limit of 100 vouchers.

Visit gift voucher page or phone 01603 872948

If there's a prolonged spell when the lake is frozen over, the offer will be extended into March.

Ice Update

Both lakes are now free of ice.

Ice Update

Last night's freezing temperatures froze some of the clear areas from yesterday. Fishable pegs on the Day Ticket Lake are 17-19 (currently being fished). No.2 Lake is still completely froze over.

Temperatures are set to rise over the next 24 hours so hopefully the ice will soon clear.

Ice Update

No.2 Lake remains froze over.

Pegs 1, 6, 14-17 and 28 are fishable on the Day Ticket Lake. 

Ice Update

Due to low temperatures last night both lakes have ice on them. The Day Ticket Lake currently has areas in front of peg 1, 16 and 17 to fish. No.2 Lake is completely froze over.
With low temperatures expected tonight, these free areas may become unfishable. Please see our news page for daily details. 

Team Challenge Enduro 12th - 14th October Results

Prior to the match the Day Ticket Lake had been catching from most parts of the lake, so it was an open competition with no one knowing which area would produce the best catch.


 Pegs 16 and 17 was the place to be. Mark Fossey and Nicholas Cage  caught four twenties between them: 26lb 12oz, 27lb 4oz, 24lb 12oz and 26lb 4oz, winning them the top prize of £800 cash with a total of 105lb.

Second place went to Jamie Stead and Gary Clarke, peg 1 and 2

with a total of 38lb 10oz.


  Third place: Graham Mitchell and Gordon Hunt with 31lb 10oz from peg 31.

Fourth place: Mark and Ben Cole with 30lb 10oz from peg 28. 

Thanks to Starbaits for the prizes and also to the marshalls that helped in the lead up and during the event.

Next May and October's competition are full and due to people asking we are now taking entries for 2014, although no dates have been set.

12th - 14th October 2012 Day Ticket Lake Closed

The Day Ticket Lake will be closed from 7.30am 12th - 9.30am 14th October 2012 for a Catch 22 Team Challenge Enduro.

Mainline New Grange boilies available in 10kg bags

To accompany our stock of 1kg bags of New Grange boilies we have 10kg bags, which cost £86 (15mm). We also have Mainline Banoffee pop ups, part of the hi-viz range. These can be ordered online or bought from the fishery shop. 

Holiday Lodge Bookings - Book now for 2013 and get 10% off!!!

Save money by booking early for 2013 and get 10% off your Holiday Lodge booking per person. A seven night stay from as little as £135 per person, including fishing!
All bookings taken over phone or in person. On booking a deposit of 25% will be taken and the outstanding on arrival.
Discounted prices as follows:
1st April - 1st November (including fishing)
Short Stay: £31.50 per 24 hours
Weekend (Friday - Sunday): £72
5 nights: £99
7 nights: £135

1st November - 1st April (including fishing)
Short Stay: £27 per 24 hours
Weekend (Friday - Sunday): £63
5 nights: £90
7 nights: £112.50

Non - Anglers 1st April - 1st November
Short Stay: £18 per 24 hours
Weekend (Friday - Sunday): £45
5 nights: £67.50
7 nights: £94.50

Non - Anglers 1st November - 1st April
Short Stay: £13.50 per 24 hours
Weekend (Friday - Sunday): £40.50
5 nights: £63
7 nights: £90

Fishing on a bankside swim on the Day Ticket Lake. All prices include electricity, water and use of the on site showers. Under 16's: 1/2 price. All terms and conditions apply, please see website. 


Catch 22 has new address!

Due to a road name change, the address for the fishery has had to be changed to the following:

Catch 22 Fishing Centre
Bunnetts Loke

Place an order online and get up to 15 back!

For the month of August, place an order online and get the following vouchers:

Spend £10 - £50 and get £5 voucher

£50 - £100 and get £10 voucher

Over £100 and get £15 voucher

Vouchers can be used towards your fishing permit or spent in the fishery shop. Ends 31st August 2012.    

No.2 Lake Record matched

The No.2 Lake Record was matched this week when Roni Sheppard caught the 'big common' at a weight of 47lb 10oz.
Being a PB Roni was thrilled at his catch being a fish that many of the members want to catch. Last year Chris Claxton caught the fish at the same weight, so this now means that both anglers hold the lake record. 

New email address

Due to having problems with the email address we've changed it to the following:

If you've sent us emails/ picture attachments to the info@ address please resend them to the new one. Emails can still be sent to

Sorry if this causes you any inconvenience.


For great prices check out our new online shop. Mainline Cell £10.50 per kg or £86 for 10kg!

Local? or coming to fish on lakes? Collection option available saving you money on postage.


Spawning Update

The carp started to show signs of spawning during yesterday afternoon near the little island on the Day Ticket Lake. Although no signs of them today, swims 23- 27 have been left roped off.
With the weather set to turn cooler, spawning will probably be put back a few days, but we'll keep you posted on areas that have been roped off.

Dates for 2013 Team Challenge Enduro

The following dates have been decided for next year' s Team Challenge Enduro events. The May event is full, however there are spaces for October. To book a place you can either email us: or phone: 01603 872948.

10th - 12th May 2013

11th - 13th October 2013

New phone number for Quad/Trailer Service

If you'd like your gear to be taken to and from your swim by our quad/trailer service please ring the following new number: 07810 160915.

Team Challenge Enduro 11th - 13th May 2012

The Day Ticket Lake had been fishing well prior to the match so hopes were high for good catches throughout the weekend. Peg 31 had been fishing especially well so when Mick Moore and his partner 'Hinesey' were drawn to have this swim, they thought luck was on their side. This proved to be the case when they caught the first fish of the match: a 27lb 8oz common. During Friday the wind continued pushing towards the middle bank and fish were caught during the day by Matt Patiki fishing peg 28: 23lb 12oz common and by Hinesey, peg 31: 26lb 12oz common and 31lb 10oz mirror.   

Fish carried on showing in front of pegs 18-31, but some anglers luck wasn't in when fish were lost at the bank. Come Saturday morning peg 31 was still in the lead with another common of 23lb 8oz. However hot on their heels was Matt when he caught two more commons of 29lb 12oz and 26lb 12oz. During Saturday and the early hours of Sunday morning other pegs started producing catches: a 27lb 14oz common by Alan on peg 8, 19lb 15oz common Phil Waters peg 7, Simon Pitcher 20lb and 16lb 8oz common peg 1 and 21lb 2oz common by Charlie Simmons on peg 3. But no one could catch up with Mick and Hinesey and when four more fish were caught: 19lb common, 16lb 4oz common, 26lb 8oz common and Mick's PB of 36lb common victory was their's.    

Second place went to Matt Patiki, third Simon Pitcher and Gary French, fourth Alan and Paddy.

It was a great weekend and thanks to everyone that helped and to Mainline and Starbaits for donating prizes.

Being a popular event, the May 2013 match is already full and we haven't sorted out dates! We're holding a match on the 12th -14th October 2012 which is also full. However if you're interested in taking part in the October 2013 event dates will be announced soon and entries will then be taken.   



After eight years of waiting the Day Ticket Lake Record was broken in the early hours of Sunday morning when Paul Russell caught the mirror known as 'twin bellies' from peg 1. The lake record has stood at 38lb 12oz common since 2004. Paul's catch smashed this with the mirror weighing in at 44lb. This fish was last caught on the 23rd June 2011 weighing 36lb 10oz. 

Bacon and Egg Baps delivered to your bivvy

From November - 31st March 2012 the cafe will cook and deliver bacon and egg baps hot to your bivvy.

Pukka grub at only £3.50 or £6 for two (if you're man enough!).

Delivery 9am onwards. Please order day before.

Team Challenge Enduro 7th - 9th October 2011

Darius Ruston and Ben Cole were the first team to land a fish in the competition. Fishing peg 7 a 25lb 4oz was caughtcatch22 team enduro to stand them in good stead when other were struggling. Catching another 21lb 8oz during the morning of the second day boosted their confidence while others hadn't caught.

Come the evening and the night was set to change. Several runs were had during the heavy rain of Saturday night. John Judge caught a 32lb 10oz from peg 1. Steve Southgate a 15lb 8oz mirror from peg 2. Stewart Payne 21lb 5oz peg 3. Jamie Stead 20lb 4oz mirror peg 4. Jeremy Walsham 19lb common peg 16. Matt Curtis 18lb 14oz mirror, 31lb 12oz mirror peg 18. Ben Cole caught a third fish for his team of 22lb, making him and Darius winners of the event. catch22 team enduro

We would like to thank everyone that helped in the lead up and running of the event and to Starbaits for donating  prizes. Next years competitions are being held on the 11th - 13th May and 12th - 14th October. Both events are full.

1st Darius Ruston/ Ben Cole 68lb 12oz peg 7 £800 cash
2nd Matt Curtis/ Trevor Bellamy 50lb peg 18/10 20kg Mainline Cell
3rd Steve Southgate/ John Judge 48lb 2oz pegs 1 & 2 Starbaits Bedchairs catch22 team enduro
4th Stewart Payne/ Rob Everitt 21lb 5oz peg 3 Starbaits Cool Bags

catch22 team enduro


Team Challenge Enduro 6-8th May 2011

The Team Challenge Enduro was held for the third year running this weekend. The 48 hour event started Friday morning and finished today. 

Peg 31 was the winning peg with John Middlemass and Glen Stones taking first place, landing 135lb 2oz of carp. Second place went to John Judge and Steven Southgate, fishing peg 4 they caught 48lb 8oz. Mick Moore and Hincey took third place with 43lb 12oz on peg 5 and fourth place went to Gary Clarke and Jamie Stead with 40lb 10oz on peg 29 and 30.

John Middlemass 16lb 8oz, 32lb, 29lb 2oz and 29lb commons, 28lb 8oz mirror
Steven Southgate 19lb 4oz common
John Judge 29lb 4oz common
Mick Moore 23lb 2oz
Hincey 20lb 10oz
Gary Clarke 20lb 12oz mirror
Jamie Stead 19lb 14oz common
Barry Wells 17lb common peg 7

We would like to thank all the marshalls that helped throughout the event and also to Mainline and Starbaits for donating prizes.
Dates for next years competition will soon be announced, however the one for May is already Full. If you're interested in entering the October 2011 event (couple of spaces left) or next years competition email us for more info.

Spencer and Lee win 800 for the second time

Spencer Moore and Lee Skillern come up trumps again when they won the Team Challenge Enduro this weekend. After winning the match in May 2009, they were drawn peg 4 again and fished to victory after landing 149lb of carp between them.

Second place went to Rob Everitt and Tom Ketley landing 85lb 9oz on peg 1 and 2. Mark Smith and Dave took third place with 53lb 12oz on peg 15 and 10 and fourth place went to Scott Bradley and Richard Eastwood on peg 27 with a 15lb 8oz.

Thanks to everyone that helped leading up to and during the event and to Mainline, JRC and Starbaits for donating prizes. More details of catches as follows:

Spencer Moore: 22lb 5oz common, 20lb 4oz common, 15lb 6oz common, 26lb 12oz mirror, 20lb 3oz common, 23lb 13oz common.
Lee Skillern: 20lb 5oz mirror
Rob Everitt: 27lb 7oz common
Tom Ketley: 15lb 8oz mirror, 27lb 10oz mirror, 15lb mirror
Mark Smith: 33lb common, 20lb 12oz common
Scott Bradley: 15lb 8oz common
Stewart Bloomfield: 15lb common peg 17

Great Catches for Team Challenge Enduro

The 48 hour Team Challenge Enduro event was held 7th -9th May 2010. Although it was more like fishing in autumn with cold winds and rain, great catches were had from most parts of the Day Ticket Lake. The total weight of fish caught was 936lb 4oz. Five thirties, twenty-one twenties, fifteen doubles and one single were caught.

First place went to John Middlemass and Glen Stones 291lb 6oz peg 29 and 30 winning the £800 cash prize. Second place Gary Clark and Jamie Stead 193lb 4oz peg 28 (JRC Tackle). Third Simon Pitcher and Gary French 149lb 13oz peg 1 and 2 (Mainline Bait) and Fourth Reg Kemp and Charlie Simmons 124lb 6oz peg 7 (JRC Tackle). Fifth Nigel Hearle/ Chatty peg 9 and 10 54lb 8oz. Sixth Mark Westerman/ Martin Young peg 5 49lb. Seventh Glen Goodman/ Tim Coakley peg 4 43lb 6oz. Eighth Tim Jones/ Terry Hitchin peg 31 30lb 4oz.

25lb 4oz mirror, 18lb 2oz common peg 4 Tim Coakley
19lb 4oz mirror, 28lb 8oz common, 24lb 12oz common peg 2 Gary French
17lb mirror, 35lb mirror, 25lb 5oz common peg 1 Simon Pitcher
26lb common peg 9 Nigel Hearle
16lb 10oz common, 20lb 12oz common, 18lb 12oz mirror, 14lb 8oz common, 26lb 8oz mirror, 15lb 8oz common, 12lb common peg 7 Reg Kemp
28lb 8oz common peg 10 Chatty
17lb mirror, 32lb common PB peg 5 Mark Westerman
25lb 8oz common, 15lb 1oz, 20lb 4oz, 15lb 1oz peg 28 Gary Clark
21lb 14oz, 8lb, 29lb, 29lb 2oz, 13lb 4oz, 16lb 4oz peg 28 Jamie Stead
30lb 4oz peg 31 Tim Jones
28lb 7oz, 19lb 9oz, 25lb 5oz, 32lb 12oz, 20lb 4oz, 12lb 10oz, 33lb peg 29 John Middlemass
28lb 14oz, 22lb 6oz, 23lb, 21lb 1oz, 24lb 6oz peg 30 Glen Stones

Thanks to everyone that helped throughout the event and to Mainline, JRC and Will Freeman for donating prizes. The next Enduro is the 8th - 10th October 2010, which is full. We're yet to set dates for 2011 but are looking to do two events, one in May and October.


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