The Day Ticket Lake is a mature gravel pit of twenty acres that's over forty years old. It has thirty three spacious swims, thirty one of these being bankside swims and the island swim and peg 32. Ten of the bankside swims are doubles having room for two people: Peg 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 15, 20, 23, 28 and 31.




Catch 22 Day Ticket Lake



The island swim and peg 32 are situated the northern end of the lake and are reachable by boat. Both of these also have room for two people. Depths range from eight to twenty-four feet and it boasts many features including islands, bars, plateaus and springs.





No.2 Lake is a Season Ticket water of four and a half acres that's only available to fish on a yearly membership ticket. It has lots of features with spacious and well maintained swims.







Catch 22 Day Ticket Lake




The area around the lakes is trimmed regularly and kept tidy, with well maintained paths for transporting your gear.







The Catch 22 Tackle Shop is well stocked with a wide range of bait and tackle for the carp angler. 






Café Catch is open for breakfast Monday - Saturday 8.30am -10.30am. We have been awarded the highest rating of 5 for food hygiene every year for the last nine, based on food hygiene procedures, practises, cleanliness and facilities.

Please book breakfasts in advance.